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Collage of photos showing a map of Kodiak Island, photos of bears, puffins, and other wildlife

Harry & Brigid Dodge

From May to September each year, Harry and Brigid Dodge and their Labrador retriever, Loyal, live on Aleut Island, a tiny island in the middle of a great fjord--Kodiak's Uyak Bay.

Photo of Harry and Brigid with Loyal

Harry is a trained biologist and an experienced guide. He has guided on Kodiak Island for more than 35 years and has hiked the island's interior extensively during this time. He is very knowledgeable about Kodiak bear and their history and has written two books about Kodiak Island and its remote regions.

Brigid also leads guests in the field. Her academic training is in language teaching—French, Spanish, German, and English as a second language. She has also studied the local language of Kodiak Island, Alutiiq, and enjoys sharing her knowledge of local language and culture with guests.

Brigid is a former director of the Alaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association( Adventure Green Alaska(www.adventure





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Kodiak Tales Cover   Kodiak Treks Cover   Kodiak Island an d Its Bears cover   Bridge Ten cover states: Kodiak Tales: Stories of adventure on Alaska's Emerald Isle, investigates the many-faceted experiences of living on Kodiak Island. Shipwrecks, plane crashes, bears, and Kodiaks often harsh...